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Cursos de inmersion total... Live and learn in your teacher's home
This programme offers a very fast and effective way to learn a language. You live in your teacher's home and receive 15,20 or 25 hours private lessons per week. Your course includes all meals and accommodation. You live as a member of your teacher's family and share their social life. The course combines full immersion, one to one instruction and a high standard of accommodation with warm and welcoming teacher families who are sensitive to foreign cultures.

  Course Designed for You
Your teacher will give you lessons which suit your personality, reflect your interests and meet your needs. As you are the only student, the lessons will go at your pace.


Intensive Learning Process
Because you are living in your teacher's home and using the language all the time, the learning process continues all day - not just during lessons but all the time you are in the family's company: during meals, on trips and when enjoying activities with them. You are sure to make very rapid process.


Social Life and Culture
Our teacher families are chosen for their outstanding ability to make you feel completely at home. Because you join in the social life of your teacher family your stay is very enjoyable. You will make friends and will learn the customs and culture of the country. Your stay will be a rewarding experience far beyond just learning a language.

Leisure Activities
You can enjoy a wide variety of cultural and sporting activities during your stay. Interests such as theatre, music, tennis, golf and riding are taken into consideration when a family is chosen.

Cursos de inmersión total...

  • Your course can be any number of weeks(minimum one week) and at any time of the year.
  • There is no minimum or maximum age and people of all ages are welcome, from children to retired people.
  • These courses are available throughout the world and you may choose from a variety of locations in most countries.
  • Transfers can be arranged from the the airport directly to the teacher's home.

Every one of our centres throughout the world is supervised by a Local Organiser who recruits teacher families, selects the family best suited to your needs and contacts you during your stay, to check your progress.
A students reservations office in the UK processes all bookings throughout the world. Its highly professional team provides a service of the highest quality.