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Rangitoto College. New Zealand

Curso Académico...The City
Auckland is a city on the North Island of New Zealand, built on a thin strip of land surrounded by the Pacific ocean. It is perfectly located for practising aquatic sports and sailing in its beautiful ports and bays. Globally known as the City of Sails, it is half marine and half urban, and is considered a very cosmopolitan city. It has good night life, fashion and arts, as well as being the ideal place to begin your tour of New Zealand. One of the biggest advantages of Auckland is its proximity to everything. In just 45 minutes you could be on a peaceful and pleasant beach, or exploring the native forest, or on a subtropical island, all depending on the direction you take.

The School

The school is one of the largest in New Zealand, with more than 3,000 enrolled students, boys as well as girls, from 13 to 19 years of age. The international students enjoy the challenges provided by an excellent academic environment.

They also benefit from a strong network of pastoral care that helps them with any worries or concerns. The international students are proud of their school and benefit from their international educational experience in which they learn and are educated for their professional future.

Curso Académico...The classes

The school offers a wide variety of course options and an academic team of specialised teachers. Many of them have taught in different countries around the world and are experts in helping students to thrive and achieve their goals.

Students enjoy great flexibility in selecting their preferred combination of subjects depending on their needs, interests and personal ambitions. We want students to focus on their big objectives, to ensure their highest academic potential and thus open doors to the different universities around the world.

We offer an educational programme focusing on careers, ensuring that once the students leave the school, they do so with a solid knowledge base and the full development of their language skills, so they can choose a higher education course or find a job

Curso Académico...Activities

Students are encouraged to take part in sport and leisure activities throughout their stay at the school, offering them over 40 different sports, with a focus on long-term healthy lifestyles, motivating students to unlock their potential and expand their talents.

The school also has a wide range of additional activities to encourage participation and improve student learning, running performing arts classes where the cultural elements can be taken advantage of and shared, developing their communication skills as far as language is concerned.

Curso Académico...Accommodation

Many international students have had the experience of living in family homes, sharing and living the local culture

. The school selects comfortable homes, generally located close to a local beach which can be reached on foot, making it a more attractive experience.

It carefully chooses and supervises the student host families, who promise to look after the students and make them feel at home.

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