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Beijing is endowed with rare cultural heritage due to its long history. The Great Wall, one of the great wonders of the world, and the only man-made structure that can be seen from space, extends several hundred miles from Beijing into the depths of the Gobi desert. In the heart of Beijing lies the Forbidden City, the most splendid of all the imperial palaces in the world, and beside it is the Temple of Heaven, home to some of China’s greatest ancient architectural wonders. Our school specializes in teaching Chinese as a foreign language to international students and professionals. It can arrange living accommodation to optimize each student’s experience in China and make them feel comfortable, safe, cosy and at home.

General and intensive Chinese and combination of both.
Professional Chinese

Shared Apartments
Private studio


General Chinese:
20 lessons / week: please consult price
Intensive Chinese:
30 lessons / week: please consult price
Academic Year:
24 weeks: please consult price
48 weeks: please consult price
Homestay (Half board / single room):
please consult price
Shared apartments (single room):
please consult price

Extra charges:
There may be extra charges depending on the school:
Registration fee
Accommodation fee
Charge for books and materials

Optional Charges:
Eurobridge can also organize:
Flights to the airport of your choice
Transfers from the airport to the accommodation