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Ramsgate is a pretty seaside town in Kent on the south coast of England, with a long sandy beach and attractive harbour. It is one of the sunniest places in the UK so it is the perfect place for a summer vacation course. A small, safe and peaceful place to study away from the noise and pollution of a big city, it is nonetheless close to the historic towns of Sandwich and Canterbury and only 90 minutes from London and its major airports.
Situated in a 19th century square overlooking the sea, the school is a short walk to the town centre. It has been running English Courses for nearly 40 years and its courses are truly multinational - they often have students representing over 40 different countries.
The school has got wonderful facilities, including cybercafé, language lab, self-study centre, a social club and tennis fields. It allows young students between 12 and 17 to follow a 15-hour course by week, in small groups of maximum 15 students. Classes are combined with a wide social and activity programme which includes sports, arts & crafts and games. Students also have two excursions by week to interesting places of the south of England and London.
We offer homestay accommodation to all our students. Our families understand how to make a student’s stay as enjoyable as possible and this plays an important part in ensuring that all students have a wonderful summer. Most Ramsgate families are a short walk from the school and the younger students are normally placed within 10 or 15 minutes from the school.

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Set in the tranquil and stunning surroundings of the Yorkshire Dales, Sedbergh is a safe, small and friendly market town.
The Sedbergh International Summer School is for boys and girls aged 11-17. Run by – and at – the historical and greatly respected Sedbergh School itself, it provides a fascinating taste of life inside a traditional British Boarding School – established from 1525.
Students take a quality English course of 23,5 hours a week, in small groups of no more than 10 international students. Combined with general English, the course helps students to establish strong English language skills very quickly and offers moreover an introduction to English for sciences, business study, economics or in the community (project-based).
Apart from classes, students can benefit from the wonderful premises of the school and practice more than 20 different sports. They participate in a wide activity programme which includes golf, drama, sailing, tennis, water sports, games, music, rugby, cinema, etc. The weekends also comprise cultural trips on Saturdays to some of the most important British cities such as London, Edinburgh or Manchester as well as activity trips on Sundays.
Students stay in one of the well-equipped “Houses” of the school, where they can enjoy “family life” with their friends and much loved Housemasters. Students normally sleep in double rooms and get their meals in the canteen, where chefs serve up the most delicious traditional English meals.
In short: the course provides a complete British experience in which pupils not only learn the local language from the finest teachers, but become part of a quintessentially English community, come face-to-face with history in some of Europe’s oldest cultural centres and enjoy thrilling outdoor activities in some of Britain’s most beautiful countryside.

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Our day and boarding School in Eastbourne was founded in 1875. It lies in an attractive location, nestled between the Sussex Downs and the English Channel, in a quiet residential area and about 10-15 minutes walk from the town centre and the seafront.
The School’ facilities are impressive and include excellent premises for sports and arts as: a superb sports hall, an excellent indoor swimming pool and several studios for drama or music.
In small groups, students between 8 and 16 years-old take an interesting 15-hour course which gives great emphasis upon fluency and communication and help pupils to get more confident expressing themselves.
The programme offers a well balanced timetable of English tuition, sports and fun activities combined with excursions (at least one is to London). During the afternoons and evenings, there is usually a choice of activities or outings and students can practice a wide range of sports as swimming, table tennis, soccer, hockey, dance, basketball, rounders, etc. as well as drama, cookery, art, origami, etc.
Students are accommodated in comfortable dormitories, shared between two to four students, all well maintained with toilets and showers. There is also a wide choice of food at mealtimes and qualified first-aid staff on site at all times.

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A large, beautiful and safe campus based just outside the historic coastal town of Hastings, Buckswood offers a charming, friendly and yet lively set up for a summer course.
Students from 9 to 16 take a 16 hours of English tuition every week. Each morning, classes focus on a combination of language learning and other more interactive lessons. Then, after lunch, the “Active English” sessions give students the chance to strengthen their language skills as they take part in activities like drama, sport, cookery, music and arts and crafts.
During the afternoon and evening programme, students can take part in a wide range of sporting activities including football, , swimming, waterslides, mountain biking, badminton, volleyball, golf and team games, as well as evening events as treasure hunts, disco, casino and karaoke nights, cookery, ghost tours, barbeques, etc.. Some excursions are also organized to London, Brighton, Canterbury, etc.
Students sleep in the campus in rooms from one to four people, with girls and boy in separate houses under residential staff supervision.
With more than 35 different nationalities represented in our centre, the school believes in fostering a real spirit of internationalism, being English the common language for everyone.

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Sidmouth is a friendly seaside town in a lovely river valley, where there are traditional English shops and cafes. The town itself is small, with a population of 15,000, but there are many things to do.  They offer specialised Junior courses, which include English lessons in the morning and sports and social activities in the afternoons and evenings. The students learn English in an interesting a fun way and have the chance to communicate with children from all over the world. Accommodation is with carefully selected host families, which have experience in hosting younger students.

Inglés General:
20 clases /semana: on request
Habitación individual: on request
Habitación compartida: on request


The school offer summer courses for juniors for different age groups with classes at different levels within each age group. The classes are small, with a maximum number of twelve students and there are 24 lessons of English Language tuition per week in mixed nationality classes. All these activities are designed to promote communicative fluency in a lively and friendly atmosphere. There are a variety of activities during the course and an all-day excursion each Saturday, which gives the students the chance to see some of the many beautiful attractions in Devon, one of the most popular holiday destinations in England. Accommodation is in host families, which are very carefully selected by the school and which have experience in hosting junior students.

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This Summer School offers young students from all over the world an ideal opportunity to enjoy an active holiday while learning the English language. The course, which is fully residential, accommodates students between the ages of 9 and 16. Students are totally immersed in the English language for a minimum of 2 weeks, under the supervision of teachers and activity organisers. The college is situated in the picturesque countryside of the Thames Valley and occupies its own grounds, providing a safe and secluded environment.

Inglés General:
21 clases /semana: on request  
Alojamiento en Residencia (PC):
Incluido en el precio


The sound experience of the educational methods used in the class together with the use of grammatical exercises allows students to use English via activities such as conversations, role plays, and excursions, amongst others. There are classes covering all levels to beginners to advance. The school arranges varied and interesting activities in the afternoons.

Additionally students have the opportunity to go on cultural trips and take part in sporting activities. They can also visit historic castles, mountains, lakes, beaches as well as sports or leisure centres.

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Our school in Chester organises high quality programmes for young people. An added value is the fact the school only accepts a maximum of eighty students. The courses essentially have an international flavour guaranteeing that all students take part in an incomparable experience.

The summer classes combine the learning of English with a wide range of activities from cultural to fun. The main objective is to create a favourable environment so that the students feel confident with their level of English, whilst submerging themselves in the culture and customs of another country. Accommodation is within carefully selected homes.

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This summer course, especially for young people combines English classes with entertaining activities, designed especially to help students practise and improve their knowledge of the language. The classes are made up of students from different nationalities and are organised in such a way that the teaching of grammar is combined with pleasant and more relaxed group tasks. A wide range of activities are offered in the afternoons, for example, sports, cinema workshops, river excursions as well as trips and guided tours to places of interest. Also available are excursions to castles and National parks in the area. Accommodation is with a family carefully selected by the school.

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The Summer School is suitable for students aged 13-17 who are preparing for GCSEs , A levels and the IB Diploma , or are looking for an academic course. Courses are available for periods of 3 or 6 weeks in July and August. Students have 15 hours of English a week and 10 hours of other academic subjects. They also take a City and Guilds International ESOL Examination at the end of their course.
There are a wide range of sports, evening activities and excursions and the school has excellent facilities on its campus. The Summer School is small and friendly, and provides a secure and safe environment for students to enjoy their summer experience.

Inglés General:
15 clases/ semana: on request
Alojamiento en Residencia (PC):
Incluido en el precio


There are two centres for juniors, one based in Montreux, on the shore of Lake Geneva and the other in Leysin, in the Swiss Alps. Young students from all over the world choose to study in Switzerland each year because of the high quality and flexibility of the course modules, the richness of the activities programme and the attractive locations of our course centres. The school believes that learning a language should be based on communication and pleasure. With that in mind, they have developed their courses along those lines and encourage students to use the language studied not only in the context of the course but also, in a more relaxed way, during activities and excursions. The school aim to create an environment that is welcoming, stimulating and safe.

General french:
20 lessons/week: on request
Intensive french:
25 lessons/week: on request
Included in the Price


The school is set in a magnificent 2500 square metre park overlooking the typically Swiss village of Les Sciernes , with stunning views from all rooms of the incredible Swiss Pre-Alps all around us.
With over 20 years experience in running high quality educational programmes for students and school groups from all over the world, the school welcomes over one thousand five hundred students every year. From language activity programmes, intensive language programmes to ski camps and field study trips, students from all corners of the globe have experienced the friendly atmosphere at the school - where they can relax, make friends and experience different cultures, while having the time of their life trying out new sports and activities and improving their knowledge in their chosen field.
As well as this an excellent staff and exciting activity programme ensures that all our students have a fantastic time during their stay. It is run by a family and each student receives the individual care they need to get the full benefit from their chosen programme.

Summer programme
Language courses available in French, English and German
Age 12 – 18

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Eurobridge schools offer a wide range of other courses for juniors and for more information please contact our office in Alicante.