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...General English classes are available all year round and there are a wide range of levels from beginners to advanced. The course aims to develop a good all-round working knowledge of the English language. It provides effective training for students who need English for work, study or travel and for students who need to take exams in English. The course includes a balanced programme of language study and the development of all four skills:listening,speaking,reading and writing. Classroom activities will help students build up their language skills in order to communicate well in a variety of situations-from writing e-mails to taking part in formal debates.


...The small number of students per class ensures effective teaching with the flexibility to meet the students individual needs, in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere. On the first day of tuition there is a placement test to assess each students level of English. They are then placed in an appropriate class with students of similar English Language ability and requirements. There is a special programme of study for each level and students move up levels as their English improves. Teachers monitor progress with assessment and feedback sessions in order for students to achieve their goals.


There is a range of accommodation available to students during their stay. They can live with a native family,in residential accommodation, an apartment or hotel. Living with a family gives students the chance to practise speaking their chosen language with native speakers, in a relaxed environment. SGreat care is taken in selecting the families, in order to ensure the highest possible standards for our students.


To make the most of a student's stay, there is a full and varied social programme of social and cultural activities, which helps students practise their English and experience the culture of their chosen country.
  • For those who need to communicate effectively and achieve fluency in everyday English
  • A wide range of levels
  • A lively, international atmosphere with students, graduates and working people from many different countries.
  • A full and varied social programme