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...Teacher Training
Specially designed for overseas teachers of a foreign language. A variety of courses, catering for experienced teachers and those who are new to language teaching. Subject areas include teaching methodology, language analysis, presentation skills etc. A full range of examination and qualifications are also available.


...English for families
Why not take the whole family abroad? We have a programme where each member of the family can attend a suitable course at their level, combined with a variety of sports and recreational activities. The family can rent their own flat or house together and spend their free time independently or with other students.


...Total Immersion Courses
On this programme the student stays at the teacher’s home and receives their undivided attention. The content and duration of the course can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the student and is ideal for those who require the fastest possible progress. This is a very popular option among busy business people and professionals


...Golden Age Courses
Courses for the Over 50’s

These courses provide the chance to enjoy a relaxing holiday, study English and meet new friends from all over the world. They are highly enjoyable and are run in a very warm, relaxed and familiar atmosphere. There is a special activity and social programme, catering for the interests of more mature groups.

  ...English for Special Purposes
The opportunity to study a specific area of English. These courses are available in the following areas:
  • Banking / Finance / Foreign Exchange English
  • Travel and Tourism English
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Medical English
  • English for Technology
  • Aviation English
  • Legal English ......and many more.
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