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South Kent School

Kent...This all-boy school nurtures in its students both a high level of academic discipline as well as the character development necessary to enter the adult world. It is a boarding school that offers an all around education for young men, in all areas of study, as well as sports and arts. They look at student development as a whole, not only rewarding academic merit but also motivation, effort and character. Located only 140 km from New York City, this school also offers weekend excursions and activities for all their students to better build a sense of community, and to add to learning outside of the classroom.

South Kent is a village located in Litchfield County, Connecticut, alongside the border with New York. It is now a rural community of about 3,000 residents with many small hamlets, such as Bulls Bridge, Kent Hollow and The Cobble. The downtown area is a mix of residential homes, shops, art galleries, and restaurants.


  • Total enrollment is about 150 students. 20% of the student body are from over 15 foreign countries.
  • Average class size: 10 students.
  • In addition to the study of English, students are able to select other curriculum offerings in mathematics, social studies, and the arts. The opportunity to prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and Test of English as a Foreign Language is also available.
  • The school Develops physical fitness, leadership, and tolerance through competitive sports and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Dorm life is the very center of South Kent’s boarding school community and therefore crucial in creating a positive school experience. Dorm living provides each student with the opportunity to learn valuable lessons about living with others and becoming self-reliant.
A faculty dorm-parent or family lives in each dormitory. They, along with non-resident faculty members, are responsible for seeing that the School’s guidelines are followed in the dorms. Assisting the dorm-parents are student dorm supervisors whose responsibilities range from maintaining order and cleanliness to fostering a positive community. Ultimately the quality of dorm life is controlled by each resident’s commitment to taking pride in himself and being considerate of his neighbors.
All dorms have a common room with cable television, microwave and comfortable furniture.

Being a member of the Association of Independent Schools, South Kent is able to offer weekend activities for students every weekend of the academic school year, with South Kent hosting a few of its own events.
A sample of weekend activities might include: dances, Danbury & Winstead movie theaters, ice Cream sundaes, trips to the mall in Danbury and New Milford shopping centers, bowling, bus trips to the town of Kent, laser-tag and many more.
Each weekend the students have the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of the United States through trips to various cities and historic sites. Excursions to Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and other metropolitan centers allow the students to visit museums, parks, restaurants, and theatres in order to understand more completely the culture of the country.

Thornton Academy

ThorntonLocated in a coastal area of southern Maine, around 30km away from the state’s largest city, Portland, and 140 km from Boston, is this private school founded in 1811. It offers its students more than 140 classes in a variety of academic subjects and over 40 after school clubs, as well as a prestigious library and modern computer rooms. Each student is closely monitored by advisors throughout their studies to ensure that their course plan is completely personalized and that they are maintaining a high level of academic discipline. They give every student a wonderful support system to help them achieve their academic and personal goals.


  • The school´s 10 buildings are set on 325 000 m2 area in the coastal town of Saco (population: 16 822), Maine, close to Portland.
  • Portland is known for its art museums, major concert venues, ethnic restaurants, markets, long stretches of beautiful beaches and bustling fishing harbors.
  • Moderate climate of Saco makes it a pleasant region to live. Saco temperatures by year can be characterized by average annual temperatures, that are – 5º C in January and 20º C in July.


  • Thornton Academy is an independent school offering 140 courses in 8 disciplines.
  • Courses are designed to prepare students for the academic demands of content area classes, as well as for the varied kinds of social and cultural situations they will encounter.
  • Small class sizes ensure that students receive the individualized attention they need to succeed.
  • Facilities include classroom buildings, theater, television studio, student and faculty residences, athletic stadium with a track and numerous playing fields.


  • Living in a brand-new student residence, with plenty to do nearby.
  • Separate boys and girls dormitories, with four faculty residences adjoining the two wings
  • Spacious student rooms, and common rooms with kitchenettes, all designed to maximize natural light
  • Fully wired living quarters, with Internet, cable TV and voice mail available in each room.
  • Special residential life programs where boarding students can explore the unique culture of the region.
  • Students who live at Thornton Academy share the joys and challenges of boarding school life with a wide variety of friends, and they are thus enriched by the diversity of talents and backgrounds.

49 interscholastic teams in 24 sports allow athletic participation to every student: baseball, basketball, cheerleading (fall and winter), diving, field hockey, football, golf, ice hockey, swimming, tennis, etc.
More than 40 student clubs, including: Speech & Debate Club, TATV (student television), Anime , Arts Club, Chamber Singers, Film Club, Dance Company, TA Players (drama club) , French Club, Environmental Club , Outdoor Adventure Club, Ski Club, Student Council and many others.

Wasatch Academy

Wasatch...This is Utah’s only college preparatory school that has been preparing teenagers for entering adulthood for over 100 years. It is made up of a diverse student body of over 200 students from 28 countries and 22 states. This environment adds to the students learning and character development, while studying a variety of subjects and classes that are not offered in average schools. Their residential life helps each student grow as an independent and responsible adult, while having a strong support system to rely on. Its location in rural Utah allows students to grow as a community and enjoy the freedom of nature and safety of a small town feel.


  • Wasatch Academy is situated close to Mount Pleasant, Utah – a small city, with the population about 2.800.
  • Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Mount Pleasant lies a small community rich in heritage and full of opportunities.
  • The climate is mild during summer when temperatures tend to be about 25ºC and very cold during winter when temperatures tend to be about –7ºC.


  • As an international academy, Wasatch Academy enrolls students from more than 30 nations. In 2009 our student body climbed to 230.
  • Wasatch Academy has a 100% acceptance rate to colleges and universities.
  • The small class size and teacher availability at Wasatch Academy enable students to receive the instruction, personal attention, and extra help they may need.
  • Our intensive academic program is designed to produce young men and women with critical thinking skills and goal-oriented mindsets.

At Wasatch Academy, students are not only scholars, but also members of a larger community. Lifelong friendships are formed and the responsibility of everyday life is placed squarely on their shoulders. Students live in dorms, set their own study schedules, and are accountable for their actions. This combination of enjoyment and responsibility transforms boys and girls into young men and women prepared to handle the entirety of their college experience.

Wasatch students are challenged to excel in any number of ways outside of the classroom: whether in a team sport, in a dramatic play or traversing a mountain crevice, Wasatch students experience life in the extreme.
Sport: Wasatch Academy has a strong athletic tradition of successful teams. There is a place for everyone from the beginner wanting to try something new to the experienced athlete in sport activities.
The Arts: Wasatch Academy’s range of visual and art programs provide hands on experience along with opportunities to perform.
Experience Utah: Located in close proximity to six national parks, several state parks, wilderness areas and world class ski resorts, you will enjoy a multitude of recreational opportunities.

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