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Great Saskatoon Catholic Schools. Canada

Curso Académico...The School
Our high schools are fully modern education facilities of about 950 students, Grades 9 to 12. Science and computer labs employ the latest in technological resources. Professional theatres house the performing arts. Other resources include large libraries, state-of-the-art fine arts facilities, modern practical art labs, and double gymnasia that support our Championship teams and many extracurricular activities. Although the facilities are outstanding, it is the people that make our schools great!

International Student Support
Our high schools provide a wide course of studies that allow students to continue their studies throughout the world. Students who graduate from SCS academic programs are eligible to apply to postsecondary institutions in Canada, the UISA, ant the world.

Homestay Program
Saskatoon Catholic Schools will arrange legal Custodianship for students under the age of 18, free of charge. The homestay program selects a safe and caring home where students are part of a family, learn Canadian culture, and gain fluency in English.
The program is supervised and monitored to ensure that each student has an excellent experience. Host families are carefully screened, selected, and supervised, and are close to schools. A private, furnished bedroom, easily accessible bathroom, and three meals a day are provided.  The homestay family treats the students as part of the family and includes him or her in their family activities.

Saskatoon – Science City
The city of Saskatoon is a lovely, green city of 210,000 situated on the banks of the Saskatchewan River. It has been selected as the best city in Canada in which to live. Saskatoon enjoys the most sunshine of any city in Canada.
There are more than 140 parks for jogging, playing, biking, skiing, skating, and BBQs and picnics. There are many beautiful days for recreation at the parks, golf courses, and surrounding lakes. Saskatoon also enjoys a world-wide reputation for safety, affordability, and friendliness.

Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District. Canada

Curso Académico...The School
Secondary schools in Nanaimo are for students in Grades 8 to 12. International students are fully integrated with Canadian students. They can study for a semester, an academic year, or to graduate with a diploma from British Columbia. All levels of English are accepted, and intensive ESL is available as required. Their 7 secondary schools have modern facilities, including multiple computer labs and fine arts classrooms. We offer 4 academies, Jazz, Performing Arts, Soccer and Ice Hockey. Nanaimo is a scenic city of 79,000 located on the Vancouver Island. It is a safe and clean community with ample opportunity for outdoor recreation.


  • Nanaimo and Ladysmith are beautiful seaside communities located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, only minutes by air to Vancouver.
  • Nanaimo´s population - 79 000, second largest city on Vancouver Island.
    Ladysmith´s population – 7 000.
  • Safe, peaceful, clean communities.
  • Mildest climate in Canada, with warm sunny summers (25º C – 30ºC) and cool, wet winters (5ºC – 10ºC).
  • Pristine natural settings, with forests, ocean of mountains.
  • Facilities of larger cities, including recreation, culture and shopping.


  • Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District has seven secondary schools. The student population is 6 500 with 5 to 45 international students attending each year.
  • A wide range of government approved courses available in Nanaimo-Ladysmith secondary schools.
  • International Student Education Advisor assisting each International Student in choosing the best courses for the individual´s requirements.
  • Multiple computer laboratories featuring the latest in hardware and software. Courses of instruction range from computer programming to desktop publishing and digital animation.

An International Student lives with an English-speaking Canadian Homestay family who takes place of the student´s family for a time. The Homestay family also plays an important role in the improvement of the student´s English and understanding of Canadian culture.

    The Homestay family will:

    • Take place of the student´s family
    • Provide encouragement and support
    • Provide a private room and all meals
    • Act on behalf of parent in the case of emergency
Sport Competitions (football, basketball, volleyball), rugby, rock climbing, field hockey, swimming, golf, Chess Club, Film and Video Production Club, Drama Club, Student Council-Leadership, Guitar Club, Outdoors clubs (hiking, skiing, climbing), dance club, computer club, Tour band, Students Taking Action Against Racism, Environmental Club

Calgary School District. Canada

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This school district in Alberta, Canada, is a wonderful place for any high school student to study in. Named one of the cleanest and most livable and safest cities in the world, Calgary offers students opportunities both in the classroom. Students are placed in schools depending on their academic strengths and preferences, and live in Homestay families that are eager to host international students and help to make Calgary their home for the duration of their stay. They offer their students a wide range of class options, including Advanced Placement and IB (courses for university credit), as well as a variety of extracurricular activities to help students quickly make friends.


  • Clean and safe city that is located close to the famous Rocky Mountains.
  • Fast growing multicultural city with a current population of approximately one million people.
  • A vast array of festivals, restaurants, and activities related to different cultures.
  • The most noticeable feature of the weather is that it can change very rapidly in just a few hours. It can get very cold in winter, mild in summer.


  • The largest public school district in Western Canada.
  • With over 220 schools, serving 100,000 students, we can offer a wide range of programs to suit your needs.
  • Our high school diplomas are recognized around the world. Students from our School District can apply to any university or college and will be accepted based upon the marks of certain required courses.
  • International coordinator providing additional support, excellent building facilities and extracurricular activities, including sports teams, art, dance, music and clubs.
  • Our teachers are among the most highly trained in the world.


  • Excellent host families in the City of Calgary. Our process for admitting host families into the Calgary Board of Education Homestay program is a rigorous one.
  • We seek host families who are interested in sharing their lives with an international student. All of our families are committed to including your child in all family activities.
  • For students aged 15 years and older. International students must have a legal custodian in Calgary, regardless of their age.
  • Students and their parents have access to the Homestay Coordinator 24 hours a day in the event of a problem or emergency.
Basketball, volleyball, football, badminton, field hockey, debate, chess, outdoor clubs, Student Council, journalism, fashion, photography, choir (singing), theatre

Edmonton School District. Canadá

Curso Académico...The School
Our schools in Alberta, Canada are just a drive away from the Rocky Mountains and in the capital city of the province. It is a school district that is ranked highly around the world: its students are ranked second in science, fifth in math and tied for third place in reading when compared to other countries. The schools offer a challenging core curriculum while also having many electives and extracurricular activities so that students grow into well rounded adults. All this while living in Canada’s festival city, surrounded my cultural and music events all year round, as well as in a safe yet cosmopolitan city that gives students a variety of learning opportunities.


  • Population: 950.000
  • Rich in a variety of cultural and musical events.
  • Beautiful, safe and secure urban community.
  • Within easy driving distance to the spectacular Rocky Mountains.
  • Climate range: -15º C to +15º C.


  • Around 400 international students per year studying at many of the district's 200 schools.
  • Learning experiences are of the highest standard.
  • Students are taught by highly-qualified, exceptional staff. They receive internationally recognized graduating credentials.
  • Outstanding academic achievement: 88% of junior high school international students met the acceptable standard on achievement tests in mathematics, 71% – in English language arts, and 67% met the standard in science.

We offer Homestay for international students who are fifteen years of age and older, providing them with the opportunity to live with a Canadian family during their stay in Edmonton. International students thrive in this safe, supportive English-speaking environment.

    We offer:

    • Reputable, carefully selected Edmonton families.
    • Comfortable, safe Homestay homes.
    • Support and guidance for students.
    • Services of three Homestay Coordinators.


  • School outings or outings with the Homestay family.
  • Complementary activities: basketball, football, gymnastics, floor hockey, debate, volleyball, choral music and musical theatre.
  • Alternative programs which focus on the arts, athletics or technology.

Braemar College. Canadá

Curso Académico...The School
This is a private international high school in downtown Toronto that has been welcoming both local and international student since 1995. Many international students visit every year, so the school has become expert in receiving all their students with special care and attention to make them feel at home as quickly as possible. It offers a well rounded curriculum that allows student to grow and learn in all fields of knowledge, as well as preparing them exceptionally well for university studies and then for the workforce. Located in the city of Toronto, students can also take advantage of everything the city has to offer, both during school hours and afterwards.

Toronto lies on the sprawling northern shore of Lake Ontario. It is home to more than three million people; and it is the financial centre of Canada. Toronto bustles with cultural activities, festivals, and a thriving arts scene. It also has a diverse population into which students from across Canada and around the world, easily fit.
Toronto continuously scores highly in international surveys that rate cities´ quality of life. It has a reputation for safe, clean streets, and boasts an excellent public transportation system that facilitates easy movements at reasonable cost – which is key for students. Toronto is a centre for scientific research and has three public universities. In short, Toronto is a great destination for learning.

Braemar College is a private secondary school located in downtown Toronto, near the University of Toronto. Our programs are designed to insure students realize their academic, personal and social potential. The College offers courses in all major subject areas: Arts, Business, Social Sciences, Computer Science, English, Humanities, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.
Our philosophy of education is based on the principles of personal autonomy, responsibility, and excellence. This is reflected in the following ways:

  • An environment that places emphasis on autonomy.
  • Small, well managed classes with limited enrollment: 15 students in a group.
  • Teachers who teach by guiding, not lecturing, students.
  • A rigorous emphasis upon practical academic skills.
  • A school setting where personal responsibility is key.

Our students have two housing options:
Homestay: Students stay with Canadian families. All the Homestay families we work with have been interviewed in person by our staff. We supply information about these families to the student and his or her parents before the student arrives in Canada. Homestay families provide students with constant care and three meals a day, but they are also a gateway to Canadian culture, and offer an excellent opportunity to practice and improve English skills outside the classroom.
Residence: Students stay in a dormitory and eat in a cafeteria. This option is only available from May till August

Braemar students are expected to study diligently, but also to be active outside the classroom. Students participate in sports such as basketball and soccer, as well as in student clubs, including: drama, music, dance, yearbook and student council. For instance, the Student Council organizes fundraising events and dances. From the Halloween and Christmas parties, to the Graduation Gala, staff and students showcase their musical and dancing talents.

Coquitlam School District. Canadá

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Coquitlam is the 3rd largest public school district in British Columbia, and is part of one of the best places to live and learn in Canada. It is located in an area surrounded by nature, with many parks and green space, while also having all the amenities of a city. The 66 schools that make up this district are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology, great recreational activities, as well as a first class teaching team that will work to make every child’s English immersion experience a success. The schools here also have the highest university acceptance rate in British Columbia, and a graduation rate of 95%. Coquitlam’s district is consistently rated one of the best districts in the province by the British Columbia Ministry of Education.


  • 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver
  • Mild climate
  • 890 hectares of green space
  • Safe and affluent community


  • Majority of schools built within the last decade
  • 95% graduation rate
  • 3rd largest school district in British Columbia
  • Students from around the world
  • High schools are among most innovative in British Columbia
  • Many after school activities: sports, arts, drama and music, among others

All international students will be hosted by families who will truly give them a home away from home. They will go beyond giving them room and board, and make them a part of their family: including participating in family activities, as well as the wonderful advantage of having a family support system, even when away from their own home and culture.

Variety of sports: soccer, football, golf, hockey, etc. Music and sporting events throughout the year.

Eurobridge schools offer a wide range of other courses for juniors and for more information please contact our office in Alicante.