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  Curso Académico...-The best schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland
-Short stay-one term-one year-several years
-Private or state school
-Live with a family or live at school
-Full advisory service for parents
-Pastoral care of the highest standard
Advice and support on entry into British and Irish Universities


In recent years, more forward thinking parents have been seeking new horizons for their children's education. In today's competitive world where a good career cannot always be taken for granted, it is apparent that the British and Irish Educational system provides the highest possible standards with the added advantage of a command of English which has become a prerequisite in most career opportunities.

Eurobridge International offer general and specialised educational opportunities in the British and Irish Education system, using schools both in the private and state sectors, but always of the highest academic achievement and reputation.

Pupils can be accepted from the age of eight years and may stay for any period from a short stay, one term, although most pupils complete a full academic year, and many proceed to further years leading to University entrance.


Curso Académico...For overseas students, successful education in Britain or Ireland, depends not only on the right choice of school but also on constant and careful monitoring of all aspects of their stay by a suitable local Guardian acting in loco parentis on behalf of the parents.

The pastoral care is crucial to the success of a students stay and we take great care that this is to the highest standard.

For all these young people, and especially for the particularly young, this is a great opportunity and adventure, and pupils and parents alike can take comfort in the fact that they are assured of personal care and guidance throughout their stay abroad. They will receive a comprehensive and balanced education and a pastoral care which will guarantee that they thoroughly enjoy and make the most of their experience studying abroad.