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 | Academic year in Ireland | Academic year high school (ESO and Bachillerato) abroad | Eurobridge A semester or academic year abroad in Ireland offers our students an unbeatable opportunity for self-development as a person, for improving cultural awareness and gaining greater confidence and certainty in the use of a foreign language. Education offered by secondary schools is of the highest standard and it comes with prestigious and wide-ranging experience, guaranteed. What is more, Ireland has one of the highest university matriculation rates in Europe.

The Irish education system offers a wide variety of subjects and students can find the support and understanding they need within the school. Eurobridge takes great care about each individual detail affecting a study programme abroad – choosing a school, a family and appropriate subjects, all with the aim of assuring that students feel at ease in their new surroundings and feel integrated into their new group of classmates. Our prices include a support service for students for the duration of their stay in Ireland. In addition to this, our advisors are always on hand for students and parents.

This programme is aimed at students aged between 12 and 18. You have the choice of a large variety of state and private schools in Ireland. The curriculum includes several science, technology and arts subjects. International students sit the same exams and follow the same study programme as Irish students and, if necessary, extra English classes can be provided.

 | Academic year in Ireland | Academic year high school (ESO and Bachillerato) abroad | Eurobridge

Servicio de apoyo

As well as assisting parents in choosing the most appropriate school for the needs of their children, Eurobridge offers each student a complete support service for the duration of their stay in Ireland. Parents are always kept informed of their children’s academic progress and of the wellbeing of their children, and we guarantee that they will receive the best care and treatment possible during their stay away from home.

Students do not only receive regular visits from advisors, but can also personally contact them should they need advice or assistance. All our students in this programme have their advisors’ telephone number and we encourage keeping in touch with them.


Eurobridge has been working closely with these schools for some time now. The schools know that they can trust us to provide our students with a first-class support service. Part of our service includes comprehensively monitoring the student’s academic progress and acting as a point of contact between the family, school and teachers.
  • Careful selection of a school
  • Arranging a parental visit to the school, if required
  • Choosing a host family for non-boarding students
  • Help with uniform and textbooks
  • Parents regularly receive updates about their children
  • Regular visits to the students
  • Communication links with the school and teaching staff
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Processing documents for validation
  • Offer parents accommodation during holidays
  • Organise airport transfers to the school or family
  • Arrange the flights, if required.

Eurobridge schools offer a wide range of other courses for juniors and for more information please contact our office in Alicante.